Professional Photography

For all of our listings we hire a professional photographer.

Ready to sell your home and hoping for a quick sell? The number one thing we stress to our clients is to hire a professional photographer to highlight the most beautiful parts of your home. It truly makes all the difference. We turned to IMOTO – a real estate photography company – for some hard evidence. According to an internal case study, the professional photos taken by the team at IMOTO proved to sell homes 50% faster and 39% closer to asking price than similar homes without professional photos. This study was based on 350 similar listings within a single zip code. IMOTO’s photos were also viewed 118% more than comparable listings – according to the statistics department Latter & Blum.

Just because you want a quick sell to your home, getting professional photos taken is worth the extra time and effort – it will truly pay off in the end. Just keep in mind – a photo is worth a thousand words; it is all in who you hire to tell the story of your home.