3D Virtual Tours

The world of technology is changing every day – and so is the way we sell homes. At SRS Houses, we separated our successes from our competitors by offering 3D Virtual Tours for all of our homes. According to Forbes.com, 3D Virtual Reality is becoming one of the latest tech disruptors, naming it an increasing crucial tool in the real estate marketplace.

What’s so great about 3D Virtual Reality?
• Keeps sellers safe with COVID-19 protocols by allowing fewer people into the home
• Interactive
• User friendly
• Real-life experience
• Efficient for the buyer, seller, and agents 

This interactive, user-friendly experience makes the potential homeowner envision themselves in the home, therefore either adding or removing it from the “Homes to See” list. According to realestateexposures.com, a virtual tour remains permanently open for anyone who wants to visit – consequently saving time and resources you’d typically spend for an on-site open house.

Straight Real Estate Solutions is also the only local agent that provides 3D videos for multi-family sales. This is a huge advantage because tenants are less interrupted by potential buyers, leads are weeded down, and in some cases encourages offers from buyers who solely viewed the 3D videos.

View Our 3D Tour Samples