What Straight Real Estate Solutions Can Do For You

Home Staging/Editing

For all of our listings, we prepare the house for photos.

Professional Photography

The number one thing we stress to our clients is to hire a professional photographer to highlight the most beautiful parts of your home. It truly makes all the difference.

Drone Commercials

One of the many services we offer is high resolution quadcopter videos of your property. Using the latest technology, we can offer prospective buyers views that were never easily available. Take a look at our video to see the sweeping, 360 degree views we can create of your property that will maximize buyer interest.

Interior/Exterior Videos

No matter the size of the home or backyard, no matter how lavish the home may be, interior and exterior videos are still on the top of the list of a successful sale.

3D Virtual Tours

This interactive, user-friendly experience makes the potential homeowner envision themselves in the home, therefore either adding or removing it from the “Homes to See” list. According to realestateexposures.com, a virtual tour remains permanently open for anyone who wants to visit – consequently saving time and resources you’d typically spend for an on-site open house.


A professionally measured and drawn-on-site floor plan gives our sellers that extra marketing edge when competing with other homes in the neighborhood.

Social Media

When listing with SRS, your home will be advertised on these social media platforms and the thousands of followers will view your home details and in many cases will share this info to their online friends.