As Your Landlord Consultant, We Will Review

The tenant screening process:

It is the goal of Straight Real Estate Solutions to help keep you out of housing court and avoid the many problems that inexperienced landlords encounter. Over the last 14 years, Straight Real Estate Solutions has owned and managed over 100 units, and is proud to say that we have spent very little time in housing court. The reason is Straight Real Estate Solutions' rigorous screening process.

How to comply with anti-discrimination laws:

Massachusetts prohibits landlords, brokers, or agents from denying apartments to any person or group of persons because of characteristics protected by federal law. Damages for violation of the fair housing laws can be severe. Did you know that inappropriate wording in a housing ad can result in a lawsuit? Straight Real Estate Solutions will help you be compliant with both state and federal fair housing laws by analyzing your advertising, application, showing, and management practices.

Your protocols for security deposits and last month’s rents:

Many landlords encounter legal issues for not properly following the laws pertaining to security deposits and last month’s rents. As a result, landlords can forfeit the security deposit and be forced to pay triple damages to the tenant. In addition, improper handling of security deposits could result in courts being lenient on a non-paying tenant.

Landlord duties for maintaining apartments and common areas:

Landlords cannot relieve themselves from liability if they are negligent, even if their lease indicates otherwise. Landlords are responsible to offer apartments that comply with the state sanitary codes. Tenants have the right to withhold rent as a result of these violations. Straight Real Estate Solutions will review with you the state sanitary codes and will go over the main violations landlords face.

Your understanding of tenant’s rights:

Violating tenants right can lead to legal repercussions. Straight Real Estate Solutions will help you navigate this complex landscape in areas such as the eviction process, quiet enjoyment rules, emotional distress rewards, past rent collections, and/or relocation benefits.

Your landlord rights:

Straight Real Estate Solutions will educate you on your rights as a landlord. Some of these rights include apartment access, the right to require the tenant to restore the apartment to its initial condition, the right to proportionately increase rent during the term of the lease, etc.

Lead paint laws:

Both state and federal laws have been passed to protect children under 6 years old who permanently reside in apartment buildings containing lead. As a landlord, lead paint is a significant liability and it’s important to know how to address this.

Leases and Tenant-At-Wills (TAW) agreements:

Straight Real Estate Solutions will review court cases which provide examples of landlords who got too creative with their leases and violated the Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 93 A). Straight Real Estate Solutions will also discuss the pros and cons of a term lease versus a TAW. It is best practice to obtain a lease or a TAW from your local real estate board or an attorney that specializes in tenant/landlord law.

The eviction process:

Straight Real Estate Solutions can guide you through the eviction process for non-paying tenants or tenants violating the conditions of the lease. Please note the team at Straight Real Estate Solutions are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Consulting fees will be charged at an hourly rate. Please contact Straight Real Estate Solutions for details. Group packages are available for office training and seminars.