What Straight Real Estate Solutions Can Do For You

One of the many services we offer is high resolution quadcopter videos of your property. Using the latest technology, we can offer prospective buyers views that were never easily available. Take a look at our video to see the sweeping, 360 degree views we can create of your property that will maximize buyer interest.

We also are at the forefront of the real estate industry with services including:

• Professional Photography
• Home Designers
• Drone Commercials as seen here
• 3D Virtual Tours of Our Listings

Purchase Investment Property

The best knowledge is gained through experience in the field. For over 15 years, Straight Real Estate Solutions has been successfully managing, purchasing, and selling multi-families, which includes the ownership and/or management of over 100 rental units. This is experience that can hardly be learned from a book. A critical component of the purchasing decision is determining rental marketability, risk, anticipated return on investment (ROI), and ROI growth potential. This assessment is done in partial collaboration with the client’s accountant and lawyer. With his years of experience, Straight Real Estate Solutions will help you find the property that is best for you and your goals.


Sell Your Multi-Family

In 2014, Straight Real Estate Solutions sold a 12-family that according to MLS was the highest priced multi-family to sell in that market since 2007. An offer came in within 7 days, and the total days on the market was 29 days. In 2015, Straight Real Estate Solutions sold another 12-family that was owned by Matt Straight and 2 business partners, which according to MLS was also the highest priced multi-family to sell that year. The total days on the market was 67 days.

When Straight Real Estate Solutions sells properties, they use professional photographers in order to provide 30 high resolution photos for the MLS listing and advertising. For every property, a binder with detailed financial information is compiled for potential investors to review, so they can make a confident investment decision. This also saves time and money in the process of dealing with banks and attorneys.


Sell Your Condo or Single Family Property

For most Americans, the biggest and most important investment made is purchasing a home. When selling, there are a lot of agents and companies to choose from and often times it can get overwhelming. For each listing, Straight Real Estate Solutions works with a professional photographer to take 30 high quality photos for the MLS listing and advertising. Professional photos make a substantial difference that will attract the attention of prospective buyers. In addition, buyer and broker open houses will be scheduled to market your property.


Purchase a Condo or Single Family Property

Whether this is your first time purchasing or you have already owned several homes, purchasing a home should be fun, exciting, and as stress free as possible. If you are a first time buyer, Straight Real Estate Solutions will guide you through the often intimidating process of obtaining financing. Straight Real Estate Solutions has personally worked with many banks in the area, and will have helpful tips to secure financing. During the showings, the team at Straight Real Estate Solutions carries an iPad mobile office to streamline the process. MLS listings can be viewed electronically and offers can be signed and submitted instantly.


Landlord Consulting

A mainstream strategy of financial management is to diversify portfolios by purchasing investment properties. Leading up to the sale, investors will hire attorneys, building inspectors, accountants and other agents specialized in the sales aspect of the transaction. However, they drastically underestimate that the greatest liabilities can potentially emerge after the initial sale. Straight Real Estate Solutions has personally sold successful multi-families to investors. However, it is challenging to maintain the success of a property. In one such property that Straight Real Estate Solutions sold, for example, within a few years most of the good paying tenants had left. This happens all too often because investors fail to continue to seek professional advice on a regular basis. Being a landlord in Massachusetts is not easy, and requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to be successful. Let Straight Real Estate Solutions help you become a successful landlord.