About Straight Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Matt Straight, the founder of Straight Real Estate Solutions, purchased his first multi-family at the age of 22, and has owned and/or managed over 100 rental units. He is a second-generation landlord that grew up in a family business. For over 15 years, Matt has been successfully managing, purchasing, and selling investment properties.

Proven track record of:

  • Achieving closings in less time than market average. Recently sold properties were on the market for 29 and 67 days compared to the yearly averages of 122 and 131 respectively.
  • A property sale value 18.5% higher than similar properties sold in area.
  • A highest price multi-family property sale in the area since 2007.

why straight real estate solutions?


Straight Real Estate Solutions sold a 12-family that was owned by Matt Straight and two business partners. According to MLS, the property was the highest priced 12-family that sold in Fitchburg that year.


Matt put his family's 12-family on the market for a client and received an accepted offer within 7 days. The building was on the market for only 29 days. According to MLS, the building was the highest priced 12-family in Fitchburg to sell since 2007.


Straight Real Estate Solutions was hired to manage and renovate a distressed 12-family in Fitchburg. When Straight Real Estate Solutions started managing the property, half the building was empty and half the tenants were not paying rent. Straight Real Estate Solutions evicted the non-paying tenants and started renovations which included new electrical systems, bathrooms, ceramic tile flooring, rugs, lighting, heating units, updated plumbing, as well as a new rubber roof. In addition, coin operated laundry units were installed for additional income.


Straight Real Estate Solutions purchased and oversaw the construction and design of a 2-story, 2,200 sq. ft. penthouse condo that included custom bathrooms, a theater room, and a custom kitchen.


Straight Real Estate Solutions purchased a 7-family. The renovations for each apartment included new electrical systems, heating units, lighting, bathrooms, and kitchens. In addition, Straight Real Estate Solutions de-leaded the common areas and most of the apartments. Straight Real Estate Solutions sold the building in 2015.


Matt formed a limited liability company (LLC) with two business partners and purchased a 12-family. The apartments as well as the common areas were renovated. Matt increased the yearly rental income by over 20%, and sold the building in 2015.


Matt Straight purchased a bank owned 3-family and renovated the apartments as well as the common areas. Once the building was renovated and fully occupied, Matt sold the building in 2009 and used the profits to purchase a 7-family.


Matt Straight helped form 520 Main Street Acquisition, LTD with his family and oversaw the conversion of a 52 unit apartment building to 48 luxury condo units. Matt managed the renovation of the condo units, marketed the property, and sold units as a real estate salesman.


Matt Straight purchased his first multi-family investment property in Fitchburg, MA at the age of 22. The property was a 3-family and a single family on 1 deed. In 2004, Matt petitioned the Fitchburg Zoning Board of Appeals to separate the two properties. This process involved professional engineering work to establish new plot lines. In addition, it required navigation of the complex legal landscape and town approvals process. The approved petition allowed Matt to transfer the existing mortgage to the 3-family which resulted in a debt free single family. Matt used this increased equity to purchase additional investment properties.


Matt Straight started his career at C&V Straight Property Management, a family real estate and property management business. He was the general manager of operations, sales, rentals, maintenance, and acquisitions for 97 rental units.

achievements & affiliations

• Massachusetts Associations of Realtors
• Member of MassLandlords.net Association
• Member of Northern Worcester County Landlord Association
• Fitchburg State University, B.S. Political Science
• Winner of Fitchburg State University Political Science Award

• Past City of Fitchburg, Ward 4 City Councilor
• Past City of Fitchburg Zoning Board Member
• Past Worcester Chamber of Commerce "40 Under 40" Award
• Massachusetts Refrigeration, Oil Burner, and HVAC Licenses