Straight Real Estate Solutions


Whether this is your first time purchasing or you have already owned several homes, purchasing a home should be fun, exciting, and as stress free as possible. If you are a first time buyer, Straight Real Estate Solutions will guide you through the often intimidating process.


When selling, there are a lot of agents and companies to choose from and often times it can get overwhelming. Straight Real Estate Solutions goes the extra mile to attract the attention of prospective buyers in the marketing of your property.


It is challenging to maintain the success of a property without seeking advice on a regular basis. Being a landlord in Massachusetts is not easy, and requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to be successful. Straight Real Estate Solutions has the expertise to guide you.

Straight Real Estate Solutions, LLC
Matt Straight / Realtor
Broker /Owner & Manager

Matt purchased his first multi-family at the age of 22, and has owned and/or managed over 100 rental units. He is a second-generation landlord that grew up in a family business. For over 15 years, Matt has been successfully managing, purchasing, and selling investment properties.

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